Water Water Water your way to healing

Can’t think straight? Need a nap most days? Eat when you’re not especially hungry?  Eyes tired and scratchy?

These were all MY symptoms and I attributed them to various causes: staying up too late, too much junk food, various (undiagnosed) medical conditions.

Then I began a conscious campaign to hydrate.  It was rough in the beginning.  As a wellness and fitness professional I know better, but I wasn’t drinking much water.  Many days barely one or two cups.

A friend mentioned she was experimenting with about 3 quarts per day before 5 PM – that’s 12 frickin’ cups!  She planned and prepared her daily allotment first thing in the morning.  Planning – what a novel idea.  After a few false starts, I figured out that I could measure 2 cups into a favorite vessel – mine is an acrylic cup that won’t break into a thousand shards if it hits the ceramic tile or concrete.  I marked the waterline with a rubber band and put five more bands on the cup.

Each time I finished the marked amount of water I removed a band – it felt like I was checking off a “to do.” 🙂  I have to admit – I felt remarkably better even if I only drank one quart (4 cups).

Creating a new habit can be challenging and, in the spirit of transparency, I want to also admit that I have not yet finished three whole quarts in a day.  Here’s what keeps me on the plan:

My eyes feel way less scratchy and tired.  It turns out I do have a diagnosed eye condition, but it diminishes with my increased hydration.

I rarely need a nap on the days I drink at least 1 – 2 1/2 quarts.

I recognize more clearly that I’m thirsty (i.e. dehydrated), not hungry, and have been snacking much less.

I can think clearly and – BONUS – faster (in spite of my peri-menopausal brain) 😉

Have you been able to connect your body sensations to your level of hydration?  I’d love to hear about in the comments below.

Sloshy love and squishy hugs, j

The Ascension Spiral

Have you ever had an experience and thought – “Man! I have been here before, why is this happening to me AGAIN!?  Why do I keep attracting the same guy in a different body?  Why does each job eventually result in the same chaos?  Why is it our family gatherings devolve into the same mess time and time again?”

Well, I believe that we keep getting the same “problem” in different disguises until we finally heal, at a heart level, the deep root of that problem.  There have been plenty of times when I thought I REALLY had healed the core issue.  And WHAM!  There it is again!

Enter The Ascension Spiral.  I prefer, when I can remember to, to own (and accept and love) where I am today on the way to where I want to be.  And I prefer to do that with the most positive spin I can.  Hence “ascension” – we are on the way up, ascending into our highest selves.  Even when we are faced with one of our age old demons – again.

I invite you to consider a pattern that keeps showing up for you.  If that pattern is worsening, maybe it’s time to take it on – make a conscious decision to look at your response to what’s happening and how you might be contributing to this pattern.  This is getting on the ascension spiral – taking responsibility for your experience.   If, however, you’ve been doing conscious healing around a particular sticky point and the challenge keeps turning up, play with gathering evidence of how each time the problem has been less devastating.  This is being on the ascension spiral.  Initially it might feel like the same place, then you notice there is less pain, less fear, less disruption – and eventually more peace, more calm, more freedom.  You are ascending.

An example from my life:   the Renegotiation (aka boyfriend) and I have been in relationship for 14+ years.  In all those years he has NEVER had one issue around money – he has money, great, he doesn’t have money, great.  Same, same.  I, on the other hand, for the last 14 years (and longer) have had all kinds of issues around money… specifically the FEAR of the lack of money.  This has surfaced in our relationship in SO many ways and countless times. You could say this has spiraled around and around in our relationship.  Each time it does, gratefully, I get to a new place of peace and breathe the sigh of “finally I’m done with this.”   Next thing I know – WHAM! –  some new version is back again.

Today I feel blessed to be able to acknowledge how much I blamed him in the early days for all our money troubles, and how now I can clearly see that the drama was (and still is) mine.  Luckily, it’s just not so big anymore.   At the same time, he recognizes this money craziness I get caught up in and, instead of becoming defensive, now remembers to assure me there is always more than enough.  We have both ascended.

I’d love to hear your evidence of spiraling upward.  Please share in the comments below.

Spiraling love and ascending hugs, j

Fun & Free January 2013

Simple & quick low back strengthener and core stabilizer

Low back pain visits about 80% of the western hemisphere population some time in their lives.  The Pilates Bridge exercise, especially when paired with November’s Fun & Free playtoy, can give nearly immediate relief to most muscularly induced lower back pain (please see a trained professional for bone induced pain).  Ellie Herman, Pilates teacher and Trainer of teachers, demonstrates a great basic bridge with clear commentary – WARNING 😉 she also demonstrates a deceptively difficult version of the Pilates Bridge as well.  Here’s the video:

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