Move in a way that feels good to your body.

Classes are FUN – filled with soul stirring, spirit lifting music from all genres!  No previous experience is required.  Steps are easy to learn and repeated often enough that even the most self-proclaimed uncoordinated being will catch on.  Personal expression is encouraged to keep the easy steps fresh, individual, heart-rate raising, muscle-toning and yummily satisfying.

Joy’s Nia story –  “Nia made its presence known to me in 1990.  I was newly hired and completely experienceless as the “aerobics” director at Decatur/Dekalb YMCA outside of Atlanta.  I was super excited to have manifested this dream job with only two years of experience as a fitness instructor.  A Nia teacher (I don’t remember who, now I wish I did) called to see if she could teach Nia for the Y.  The Y had so many rules and I was so new and not a very good boat-rocker. I just couldn’t figure out how to put Nia on the schedule – plus, it sounded weird… aerobics in barefeet, you’ve got to be kidding!  My feet were already beatdown with stress fractures while my lower legs also suffered shin splints.  I was NOT taking my shoes off.

“By 1997 I was a totally burned out fitness teacher and director, ready to quit the exercise business NOW!  I had moved here (Houston) and one of the first friends I made was a big fan of Nia. He (yes, HE, and totally straight btw) conspired endlessly to get me to a Nia class.  I resisted – I was soooo ready to give up on group fitness.  Luckily we finally ended up at a Nia workshop.  The workshop portion was ok – a little airy fairy for my tastes.  But from the first strains of the first song of the demo class, I realized that THIS, whatever THIS was, is what I had been looking for in fitness.

“What’s hilarious to me is that I don’t remember many of my first kisses, first dates, first days on new jobs, first experiences with new friends, etc.  But I absolutely remember that my first ever Nia class was an early routine called Trance Vision and it changed the way I saw and did fitness from that moment forward.

“I often wonder how my life would be different had I embraced Nia back in 1990.

Give Nia a try right this second


All you need for Nia is curiosity, willingness to sweat, your REAL self, and probably a water bottle.


I, Joy, am currently on sabbatical from teaching Nia, though I continue to practice the principles regularly.  I would love to answer your questions and help you find your next Nia class.  Feel free to email or message me on Facebook:

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