Joesph Pilates created this work almost 100 years ago to help people heal and be able to go about their daily lives with more strength, power and ease.  He called it “Contrology,” implying that, to heal or change, we can take control of our body rather than it controlling us.

CORE EXERCISE YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW – Did you know that if you laugh often you will work your abdominal muscles.  It’s true.  Your abs are connected to your diaphragm (a breathing muscle) so actually every time you breathe you are getting an ab workout.  How great is that!!!  (It works when you cry, too, or use a shhhhhh sound [shhhhh like sugar], or make fun martial arts noises – Ha!  Hai!, or imitate Emeril’s “BAM!” (especially at mark :22).

Go ahead – give it a try…  If you don’t believe me, place your hands on your belly and fake your best belly laugh [if you are out of practice at fake laughing, think about the last funniest moment you had whether with your friends, family, on tv or radio].  Could you feel your hands move when you laughed?  Those are your core muscles [aka abs] at work.

Now – off you go to laugh out loud a lot  🙂  and back to our regularly scheduled Pilates info.

Joy creates a unique and individualized overall fitness workout for each client session,  with emphasis on fun, core strength (abs/back/more), any personal healing goals and safety.  Her desire is to help each person become stronger and healthier in one-on-one sessions while offering tips and tricks on how to apply in-studio skills to daily living for ongoing benefits.

Joy has worked with a broad range of clients ranging in age from 16 to 85 and presenting an interesting diversity of conditions including: scoliosis, sciatica, Parkinson’s, vertigo, knee replacement, plantar fasciitis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, polio, chronic low back pain, and autism (high functioning).  Her clients have also had a variety of active hobbies and weekend sports interests such as: running, golfing, dancing, cycling, dog showing/training, snow skiiing, hiking, and sailing, all of which have been enhanced and made more fun by incorporating Pilates techniques and mindfulness.

Sessions will stretch you (literally AND figuratively), stimulate you, motivate you, inspire you, strengthen you (in body and brain) and typically leave you feeling better than when you arrived.

The Pilates studio makes it’s home inside Universal Fitness & Health           (conveniently located next to Cypress Creek High School):

10111-B Grant Rd., Houston, TX  77070

Appointments available Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Call or email for more info or to schedule your appointment:        joy@danceplayheal.com                                                                                               832-567-2646

Session fee: $70 for approximately 1 hour
(There is a 24 hr cancellation notice required to avoid being charged)

What to Wear & Bring

Wear comfortable, non-binding close fitting clothing that is easy to move in. This way, Joy can more easily see your alignment and better assist you in making adjustments.

Pilates is typically done in bare feet, but feel free to wear socks or non-slip socks, if your feet get cold.

The most important thing to bring to Pilates is your full attention, your open mind, your awesome attitude and your willingness to be present now!

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And now a (FUN) word from our sponsor – enjoy!