I’m Joy Brown, a play oriented pain consultant.  I have learned to feel better in my crazy life and this crazy world by using movement, especially dancing and playing, to help heal my body (and all my other realms: mind, emotions, spirit, and any others currently unknown to me).

AND…  I love helping other people find their unique and glorious way of managing, diminishing or eliminating pain, feeling better, having more energy, playing longer and just plain enjoying their life more while on this planet.  🙂

Here are a few of my current playtoys:

Pilates (a rarely seen but often enjoyed playful variety)

Nia (yeah, I know you’ve never heard of it but you will still enjoy it)

MELT (a surprisingly effective, fast and easy way to immediately diminish your pain)

Ageless Grace® (a super fun “notjusyogrammawschairexercise” approach to greater brain function, that – ohbytheway – also gets your body moving and sweating – uh, well, yeah, uh, in a chair)

and whatever other fun I can conjure up – usually something I haven’t done before like attending the 2015 Holi Festival of Color (so FUN) or cheering on the 2015 American Ninja Warrior challengers at Cy-Fair’s Berry Center (SO exciting)! Previous contenders include RUSH’s R40 tour up close and {nearly} personal, tandem skydiving, my first SUP board experience – in MAUI, and providing fun and distraction to US Military serving our country in Iraq.

I am a promoter of fun and compassionate movement for grown ups. Life is short and fun is important – essential, in fact.  I offer fun and healing through:

~ “no experience required” dance (flailing around does count :))

~ effective and personalized Funilates (oops, I mean Pilates)

~ remarkable and quick, drug free pain relief

~ simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease

~ and sometimes just through hanging out – virtually and literally.

My clients have stayed with me a very long time.  Some for 10 years and more.  Here’s what Jackie C. was kind enough to share about our time together:

“Occasionally, if the stars align just right and if you have lived on the planet a little while, you might be lucky enough to meet an individual who becomes a profound influence in your life.  I had that good fortune, some years ago, when I met my trainer extraordinaire, Joy Brown.

Given the complex possibilities that the human body presents, Joy’s personal super power is finding a logical and fun solution for success in expanding motion and maneuverability in my sessions.  She is well versed in Pilates Reformer Methods for strengthening the body core and improving muscle stability.  Want summer arms?  She will find a way to work it out for you.  Her eyes fairly sparkle with enthusiasm as she incorporates new ideas into a session using TRX Suspension Training along with Pilates mindfulness to work on my balance and core strength.

Joy’s innovative thinking is awe-inspiring.  She has command of simple, easy to find supplies like rings, bands and therapy balls to give even hands and feet usable exercises that enhance flexibility for pain free movement.  She always does her homework and always comes to class prepared with training unique to my specific needs.  I look forward to each and every session, knowing that I will learn more in an hour than I could even begin to find on my own. In addition, as a lifestyle coach, Joy can smoothly incorporate suggestions to incorporate principles from the training sessions into management of day to day situations that contribute to pressure and stress. Her diligence and dedication ultimately result in significant contribution to optimal body operation.

Joy has the enviable ability to effortlessly engage others in her class presentations because her positive outlook never wavers. If a movement is difficult, she finds the baby steps to ensure success.  I have been fortunate to see her presentations on Ageless Grace and Melt Method at a variety of venues.  The presentations are seamless and participants respond with a natural appreciation to an inherently gifted trainer.  She offers suggestions and corrections to the class with that same positive attitude that I have experienced in my private sessions.

In conclusion, I will say that I have taken classes with other trainers as well as private and semi-private sessions at the gym. Joy’s training is the optimal use of my time in achieving my exercise goals. I know that I have been spoiled by a trainer whose knowledge of the body and remarkable problem-solving abilities are in a class by themselves. I always praise her talents to anyone who asks about my exercise regimen.  I am grateful that Joy Brown remains an undiscovered treasure for just a little while longer.”

I am so very blessed to have such fantastic, loving and dedicated clientele.

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