Fun & Free November 2012

Strong (maybe even FLAT) Abs and ZERO low back pain FREE and NOW!

The quickest way to strengthen your abs is exactly what “yo mama tole ya ta do – pull in your stomach.”  But I can help you make that even more effective right here, right now:

  • exhale – normally, no gusto required, in fact it’s better if you are slightly relaxed.
  • while exhaling gently pull your belly button to your spine (keep breathing)
  • repeat often

You’ll receive a bonus if you can keep the top of your head reaching for the sky (posture), your shoulders surrendered (no wearing as earrings), and (this is a toughie) your collar bones open wide while your ribs are slightly pulled together. Oh – did I remember to tell you to RELAX while doing all of this?

PS – if you’ll laugh long and often, you’ll get similar results effortlessly (same for crying :))

If this is helpful for you and you’d like more, please feel free to sign up for our weekly update (we never let your precious info out of our sight) – it is fun and free!

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