Water Water Water your way to healing

Can’t think straight? Need a nap most days? Eat when you’re not especially hungry?  Eyes tired and scratchy?

These were all MY symptoms and I attributed them to various causes: staying up too late, too much junk food, various (undiagnosed) medical conditions.

Then I began a conscious campaign to hydrate.  It was rough in the beginning.  As a wellness and fitness professional I know better, but I wasn’t drinking much water.  Many days barely one or two cups.

A friend mentioned she was experimenting with about 3 quarts per day before 5 PM – that’s 12 frickin’ cups!  She planned and prepared her daily allotment first thing in the morning.  Planning – what a novel idea.  After a few false starts, I figured out that I could measure 2 cups into a favorite vessel – mine is an acrylic cup that won’t break into a thousand shards if it hits the ceramic tile or concrete.  I marked the waterline with a rubber band and put five more bands on the cup.

Each time I finished the marked amount of water I removed a band – it felt like I was checking off a “to do.” 🙂  I have to admit – I felt remarkably better even if I only drank one quart (4 cups).

Creating a new habit can be challenging and, in the spirit of transparency, I want to also admit that I have not yet finished three whole quarts in a day.  Here’s what keeps me on the plan:

My eyes feel way less scratchy and tired.  It turns out I do have a diagnosed eye condition, but it diminishes with my increased hydration.

I rarely need a nap on the days I drink at least 1 – 2 1/2 quarts.

I recognize more clearly that I’m thirsty (i.e. dehydrated), not hungry, and have been snacking much less.

I can think clearly and – BONUS – faster (in spite of my peri-menopausal brain) 😉

Have you been able to connect your body sensations to your level of hydration?  I’d love to hear about in the comments below.

Sloshy love and squishy hugs, j

2 thoughts on “Water Water Water your way to healing

  1. So true, Joy. While I am aware that I need to drink plenty of water every day, it’s often easy to forget, especially when I am out of my usual routine. When I am sitting at my desk, or in a meeting, having water on hand beside me is easy – it’s a habit In fact. But when I am out and about, I find its much more difficult. I like your idea of the bands! Genius.

  2. Biggest thing I notice when drinking 3 quarts before 5pm (4 if I take Hot Bikram Yoga)? I am eating less — I was eating often before when I thought I was hungry but I was actually thirsty! Love up those cells! Hydrate ’em! xo

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