Fun & Free December 2012

7 minutes and 28 days of FREE, FUN, FITNESS

My friend, International Nia Black Belt Trainer and Soma Ranch owner, Helen Terry offered a 7 minute workout FREE for the month of December.  I did it 25 out of 28  days and had loads of FUN (and so did my dog Turk)!  Here’s the video:

Since I LOVE structure, I also found an online timer with a beep every minute (because more than a minute might just be too much?)!  It’s 8 minutes – how convenient is THAT:

You’ll have to estimate the “four sides” 15 seconds of laughing on your own – it’s always good to laugh longer than a minute ;)

If this is helpful for you and you’d like more, please feel free to sign up for our weekly update (we never let your precious info out of our site) – it is fun and free!

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